Buyers Wants, Sellers Need To Know

Posted by Patrick Galesloot on Thursday, November 9th, 2017 at 11:25am.

A very common question from Sellers is "what do BUyers want?" or "What are people looking for?".

These types of questions are usually asked when they (the homeowner/seller) are deciding if renovations should be contemplated before listing their home for sale.  This may be as simple as painting, rearranging furniture, but on occasion a more significant change in their home.

Recently our Associates and several others participated in a nationwide Century 21 Canada survey asking our REALTORS.. "what do your buyers want?"  "what is important to your buyers?"  While there are always regional variations, in Alberta the responses are worth taking note for anyone currently listed for sale or contemplating selling their home.

Listing your home on your local MLS, with a REALTOR® for buyers to critique, examine, look at and walk thru can be a lot like dating.  When we asked Century 21 Canada agents what are the biggest turn-offs for home buyers (real estate turn-offs) the responses was...

Yes, water damage.  It is awful to deal with.  If you've ever had your dishwasher break, the washing machine hose come off, the sump pump fails or forgot you were filling up the kitchen sink when the phone rang, you know how quickly water can create a mess.  Old water stains can be a problem if you're selling.  We highly recommend you provide documentation that whatever the issue is/was that you've taken measure to not only fix the issue, but ensure it doesn't happen again.  Work orders and paid invoices etc. they all help.  "We had this issue but we've fixed it" , says a lot.  Way more helpful than "oh yea that old ceiling stan has been there for years".

What are the most important factors in a home for people?  Are they buying because it has solar?  Are they buying because the windows are new?  What is important?  Survey results tell us:

Layout!  Absolutely!  A buyer has their list of "features" that it should have or that they "want".  However, at the end of the day, it's a feeling when you walk in.  The home has the right feel, and look that is hard to describe, but when you find the right home you know.  

Thinking back on why people buy, or why they get into homeownership, it's a simple answer really...

The pride of homeownership.  The fact that you're creating wealth.  It's all yours.  Those are why we buy real estate.  to "own".

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